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Price of our Online Services:
All new users will be required to pay for 6 months in advance (non-refundable) and will be billed each successive month subsequent to their initial subscription.
Currently $225.00 per month for a first time subscriber.
Currently $95.00 per month for each additional user to an account.
Services are billed on or near the 15th of each calendar month for the following calendar month, and are due by the 1st of that month.
Terms and Subscription Agreement:
Complete subscription agreement can be found here.
Price includes unlimited search, viewing and printing of all records and images stored on our site. This does not grant a license for bulk downloading of our images in mass quantities.
There is to be no permanent storage of our data or documents on any computer, nor any charge to another party for searches conducted by any subscriber.
No subscriber shall sell copies of our data or images to any party or parties whatsoever.
A subscriber is not to allow anyone access to his/her username or password.  A subscriber may store his/her password on a computer at his/her main place of business and allow another party access to our site on that computer.  No access is allowed by anyone other than the subscriber from a remote location, such as a motel, client's office or subscriber's home.
Any violation of these conditions will result in termination of subscriber's account.

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