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Please note, as we are all aware, that the OCC is not able to operate at capacity currently. They are working with a small skeleton crew.

The documents processed by the OCC are not flowing in the usual systematic way. The orders issued (scanned) on or after 3/25/2020 have most of the order numbers missing on the document. Some of these orders have dates, some don't. We are currently using the number assigned by the OCC for each document to reflect the imaged index order number. At some time in the future we assume that these images will be replaced with the standard forms we are used to.

We are pulling whatever applications are made available on the OCC's image website. Normally, along with all the other vendors, we pick up copies of these documents each morning for processing. Hopefully before too long this process will return to normal. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Philip & Jan Zacker


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Pangaea's office will be closed until approximately September 21st. Normal office hours will resume after that date.
During this period any user additions or subtractions need to be emailed to grant.nichols@pangaeadata.com (405-948-6605). Grant will be happy to help you with any cookie resets or other issues.
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Jan Zacker
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