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Please Note the following message from the Pangaea Staff
Creek & Pottawatomie County historical well records are now searchable on our site.
There are 55,728 records for Creek County and 19,961 records for Pottawatomie County now available on our site. These documents are dated prior to 1997 and required a visual inspection of each document and the manual input of every individual record. We have about 20 more counties to break down on a well by well basis to complete this part of our website.

Breaking down this volume of records is a mind numbing task, often seeming insurmountable. Rest assured that the effort to improve this site for our subscribers will continue. These abstracted records, along with most of those in our system, cannot be "programmatically obtained" through the OCC's website. Jan and I hope that the effort to provide useful data is appreciated. We are always grateful for your continued support.


Jan & Philip Zacker

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Need an alternative to Oil Law Records for spacing abstracts?

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