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of Oklahoma Corporation Commission Regulatory Records

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 Well Mapping 
Here we present the mapping portion of our site. Map icons representing the wells are placed at the bottomhole location or lateral terminus and not the surface.

In addition, you can view summary information on:

  • Individual Wells' API Information.
  • OCC and OTC Production for this unit (if known).
  • Links to recent Application and Orders filed within this section.
  • Any known Leasehold Activity in this section (If we track the county already, see this Coverage Map...)
NB: This application does require javascript to be active on your browser.

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 New Version of our Zone Help File
We have updated our Help File on the Oklahoma Geologic Correlation Chart used by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission as to spacing nomenclature. It now works with all Windows Platforms, including Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 10. We have attempted to make an accurate representation of the synonymous nomenclature for the formations listed on the Correlation Chart; however, the final determination will be up to the technical staff of the Oklahoma Corporation Commission.

Zone Correlation Chart How To Install Zone Help File

Instructions for installation of this file are available in the information link button next to the link for the file.

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 Production   (January 1, 2000 to present, except where noted)
  • Oklahoma Corporation Commission Production (Gas only).
  • Oklahoma Tax Commission Production (Gas & Oil).
  • Oklahoma Corporation Commission Current Through October, 2022 (Last month OCC reported, see OTC Production for current values)
  • Oklahoma Tax Commission (from July, 1990) Current Data Through the Mid-July 2024 OTC Files
 Utility Searches
  • Operator Addresses
  • Respondents - (5,101,040 as of 07/2023)
  • County Lease Activity   Coverage Area
 Conservation Docket Orders and Applications Databases
  • Spacing orders
  • Pooling orders
  • Increased Density Orders
  • Location Exception Orders
  • Unitization Orders
  • Newly filed Applications
 Well Information Databases
  • Well Commingles - August 2007 to present.
  • Well completion records � 1997 to present.
  • Plugging records � 1997 to present.
  • Transfer of ownership � 1997 to present.
  • Intent to Drill records -1989 to present.
  • Initial 1016 Back Pressure gas tests - 1997 to present.
  • Electric Logs - 2000 to present.
  • Directional Surveys - OCC Collection
eProspect is an area of interest monitoring module of our website. It allows the user to define areas he/she wishes to monitor for new activity. It will notify the user of any new Intent to drill permits, Applications, Orders, Motions or Geologic Exhibits submitted to the OCC subsequent to the date of creation of each defined search. An email will be sent to the user listing the Applicant/Operator, S-T-R, type of document, along with a link to the subject document (except motions, which are not imaged).

 Pre-1997 Historical Well Database

This database contains a listing of the number of well records (completion, plugging & transfer of ownership) for each section in Oklahoma that are scanned and imaged, but are not a part of our online services. These hard copy or digital images can be obtained by calling our office during regular business hours.

ALL historical well completion, plugging & transfer of ownership records (including associated images) for the counties listed on this link are searchable on our site.  Additional counties will be added as they are completed.

Click here for a current map.

 Geological Exhibits
Structure maps, isopach maps, production maps and various technical data sheets submitted with spacing, increased density & location exception applications are linked to the applicable cause within the images button. These documents are scanned on a daily basis as they are received, usually within a few days of the issuance of the final order in any given cause.

Click here for a sample of a recent file.

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